Plastic packaging: life after death

Today, plastic is one of the most popular packaging materials. It is durable, cheap, and waterproof. Advantages of this material are numerous. But unfortunately it has its disadvantages too; the most important is its harmful impact on the environment. Of course, not many consider it a serious enough issue to stop using plastic. The use of it will soon be eventually banned in a few years; it will be replaced by a new and improved bio-degradable plastic.

Harmful advice – How to move the wrong way

Plan your move in advance! A lack of preparation will stress you. Having to search for your stuff through a huge pile is a tiring process. Perhaps, it’s time to change your ways. Moving is an opportunity to change habits and grow patience!

Make a rough estimate on the amount of moving supplies needed.

Will the Modern packaging replace the classic cardboard?

Will modern kinds of packaging replace cardboard? There is no doubt that material such as plastic or polyethylene often replaces cardboard boxes nowadays. Nevertheless, modern manufacturers of foods and industrial goods keep using cellulose and recycled cardboard boxes. Why is that?

Being cheap is the main reason. Cardboard is considered to be one of the least expensive packaging materials, and since the primary goal of entrepreneurs is to make a profit, they prefer cardboard boxes. If business people want to minimize the expenses for packaging, they even can use recycled boxes that are cheaper to print logos on than the cellulose cardboard.

From Books to Dishes- How to Pack your Belongings Properly

Even though movers make fun of self-packing, customers still generally prefer packing themselves without the assistance of expensive professional services.

However, there is nothing wrong in wanting to save money. The Europeans and their money-saving ways view self-packing as a necessary and strict ritual. Very often, many turn the process of packing into a fussy hassle, rushing to prepare for the arrival of the movers in the last minute.

How it works

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